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24 Fairfield Rd Bristol BS6 5JP

'We are working to create a Global Goals Centre – an interactive Education Centre. Groups would move through a series of scenarios that illustrate the Global Goals: a Nicaraguan Fairtrade coffee farm threatened by climate change; a garment-making factory in South-East Asia seeing the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion; a sustainable city- scape with key decisions to be made balancing the needs of the citizens. Interactive sessions and immersive experiences will contribute to the understanding of key elements of the Global Goals, encouraging creativity, collaboration and problem solving. Themes of equality and inclusion will run throughout the scenarios..


The experience would include inspiring examples of innovations and game-changers locally and globally, as well as clear actions that can be taken to make a personal and group contribution towards sustainable development, from litter picking to recognising and challenging inequality. The Centre will encourage visitors to think critically and creatively to find their own solutions and possible ways to effect change.

"I think this is an incredible idea to get people involved in trying to help our planet and achieve these seventeen goals" (Ruby aged 12, Bristol Free School)


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  • Increasing local understanding and presenting clear actions and practical ways to make a difference locally and globally is likely to have a significant impact on many to improve communities, sustainability and wellbeing.

  • Improving decision-making and problem-solving skills, increasing empathy and encouraging positive action in young people and all who experience the Centre.

  • The Centre will offer exceptional volunteering opportunities to develop local citizens and for them to become local advocates for the SDGs.

  • The Centre offers a powerful partnership opportunity for local businesses, academics, community groups and charities to work together to create a groundswell of local action to help achieve sustainable development, locally and globally.

This exciting project will use virtual reality, storytelling and interactive discussion to bring to life the transformative SDGs and be a valuable tool for Bristol as a Learning City where all have the chance to thrive.

Global Goals Centre is a signatory to the Bristol Equality Charter