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Help us to equip young people with the passion, knowledge and skills to address the most important challenges of our time: climate change, inequality and poverty

To speed up the world’s path to sustainability, we need to find hopeful and positive ways to engage people on the urgent issues facing our planet. Our ultimate aim is to open the world’s first interactive visitor experience themed around the Global Goals by 2023, in Bristol. In the short-term, Covid-19 provides an urgent, unmissable opportunity to ‘reset’ harmful human behaviour and re-build a greener, fairer economy. That’s why, in keeping with current financial realities, we’re developing a pop-up immersive ‘fast fashion’ themed scenario to inspire immediate social action and prove our concept. This will open to 1,200 visitors in April 2021, in The Galleries shopping centre in Bristol.

The fashion industry produces 10% of global CO2 emissions and uses 1.5 trillion litres of water annually. Poor working conditions in garment factories are widespread, both in the Global South and on our own doorstep. In our recent survey of local children, 90% felt ‘scared’ and ‘angry’ about climate change, but were shocked to learn the fashion industry was so polluting and environmentally damaging.

Our immersive experience will use cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality and projection mapping to take visitors on a magical journey that demonstrates the impact of fast fashion, tells the story of garment workers, and challenges participants to respond with behavioural change. In a creative and playful environment, visitors will imagine new ways for clothes to be made and bought to achieve positive impact on people and planet, so that people can feel great about what they wear. The experience will be designed by young people (alongside creative professionals and fashion experts), for young people.

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Help us to make our fast fashion experience a reality by becoming one of our Founding Supporters 

We would like to work with an exclusive circle of companies and philanthropists who share our vision and want to help us make our plans a reality.


We ask Founding Supporters to make a minimum donation of £5,000. In return, you’ll benefit from:

  • Public status as one of our exclusive Founding Supporters, including use of our logo, so you can demonstrate your commitment to the Global Goals and to climate change action, social justice and equality for all.

  • Your name and details displayed at the entrance and exit of our fast fashion experience, to be seen by 1,200 visitors and tens of thousands of other shoppers passing through The Galleries.

  • Publicity on our website, social media and news updates, and those of our partners.

  • Exclusive opportunities for your employees to preview and trial our fast fashion content, and attend our launch event.

Visitors to our fast fashion experience will commit to behaviour change that helps to make the world a fairer and greener place:

  • Personal behaviour change: buying less, buying better, mending, upcycling and donating clothing

  • Influencing  others: Starting conversations with friends and family; social media activism; organising clothes swaps

  • Supporting other organisations: volunteering for or donating to local recycling organisations or charities supporting garment workers

  • Campaigning:  petitioning large fashion labels and popular brands to adopt sustainable practices, applying pressure via local MPs


We have developed our plans in consultation with over 300 young people and 100 teachers from a cross-section of Bristol schools. Our work is supported by Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and we are part of Bristol’s One City Plan. Our existing partners include:

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We are living in unprecedented times, but we believe that our work will be more important than ever when we emerge from this crisis. The values that we stand for – grassroots community support for the most vulnerable, protecting the environment through behavioural change, and global collaboration on science and health – are exactly the bright spots that are helping so many people to stay positive. The Global Goals are vital for overcoming this pandemic and protecting people against future ones. The Global Goals Centre will bring a hopeful and inspirational heart to our city just when it is needed most, and the current wave of positive energy and collaboration will become part of the story that we tell.

To become a Founding Supporter or find out more, please email

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