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Ending Inequality

by Mya-Rose Craig - 'Bird Girl' - Global Goals Centre Patron

I become a patron for the Global Goals Centre because the United Nations target of 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) are really important to me because they set out the better world that I want to see for everyone on our planet.

All 193 member countries have agreed to meeting the targets and so we need to challenge governments to take action in order to achieve the targets. The targets set out in each goal are broadly split into three categories. Firstly that there is an end to extreme poverty, secondly that there is equality and justice and thirdly that we successfully stop climate breakdown.

I have been fighting racism and inequality since I was 13 years old and so I will talk about why the goal of “reduced inequalities” is so important to me. Much of the world’s wealth belongs to a small number of people in just a few places. If we are to eradicate poverty, everyone must have the opportunity to prosper financially no matter where they live or who they are.

In the last few weeks, we have been supporting Black Americans in the Black Lives Matter campaign for their fight for life itself. In the USA, Black people are being shot by police on a daily basis, many if them innocent of crimes and so being murdered. They can not even start the fight for equality in jobs when they are being murdered by the state with impunity.

Racism is at the heart of these actions with a society of whom part believes that they are better, cleverer and more deserving than other people based on the colour of their skin. These ideas go back to the beginning of modern societies but it is time for them to go forever.

It is important that Visible Minority People in the UK to not allow our communities to be divided and fighting each other. We need to stand together and fight for equality.

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