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International Women's Day reflections

Updated: Mar 9

by Shrina Boyd

Today is a day to celebrate talented and inspirational women, but also to challenge what you know.

We are told, constantly, to keep up to date with current fashion trends as a way to stay relevant within society. But how detrimental is that mindset, and how does it relate to international women’s day?

The fashion industry benefits from the patriarchy twofold: firstly, by exploiting garment workers to ensure high profit at low cost, and secondly, by setting a high standard for female consumers to stay up to date with the latest trends.

The exploitation of garment workers (over three quarters of whom are women) is a rights violation which needs to be addressed. They are physically and verbally abused in their workplace due to the targets which brands place on the factories. Women are hired into these positions due to the stereotype and expectation that they will be submissive to authority. States are doing very little to regulate the violations because of the profits they produce which means that it is time for the consumers to act.

What can you do?

  1. Wear what you own! The best way to reduce your participation in the industry is to not spend...

  2. Try to shop ethically; research the companies that you spend your money at - or thrifting is a wonderful alternative

  3. Share information; let the companies know that ethical production is important to you, the consumer

(It is important to remember that it is the exploitation that needs to go, not the workers. They are talented and deserve their job to empower themselves)

So, I ask you, this international women’s day, to question where you buy your clothes from, and is a life really worth that new dress?

Shrina Boyd

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