• Jenny Foster

Life beyond Covid-19 : Why we need the Global Goals more than ever

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

by Jenny Foster, Global Goals Centre Project Lead

Working on this exciting project to bring the Global Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) to life has been such a positive journey – and then corona hit. Suddenly, if you’re not providing food or healthcare, anything you’re working on can seem irrelevant, and the media noise and sudden changes make it hard to focus.

However, now I've had a chance to reflect, I'm reminded that our purpose is still vitally important, and the Global Goals - zero hunger, good health, decent work and education to name but a few - are all part of overcoming this pandemic and preventing future ones. Spreading good news stories and hope is more vital now than ever, and I hope you can help in sharing good news social media stories.

We also need to consider how we can help our city and communities to build on the positives that have come out of this crisis, such as local community support groups, being more aware of the needs of the most vulnerable, only using minimal resources, restricting car and plane travel etc. These are attitudes and behaviour changes we hope to foster in the Centre visit - could these be lost once this is over and we return to focusing on self and over-consumption?

The Global Goals Centre will bring a hopeful and inspirational heart to our city just when it is needed most, and the current wave of positive energy and collaboration that we are witnessing will become part of the story that the Centre will tell. And so in my moments of confusion and fear, as the news reports cut into my day, I’m grateful for the hope and vision for a more equal, sustainable and healthy future which the Goals provide and that this exciting immersive project promises to bring.

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