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Why a Global Goals Centre?

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Global Goals Centre Ltd is working with partners across the city region to create an interactive, inspirational Education and Visitor Centre focused on the Global Goals (the UN Sustainable Development Goals). Our aim is to increase understanding of global poverty, inequality and climate change, and inspire transformational change for a sustainable and more equal future, locally and globally.

How will the Centre work?

The Centre will use storytelling, films and games to enable children and other visitors to fully experience local and global scenarios, and enable them to use creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to find positive solutions to the issues they raise. It is well-documented that this immersive

‘in your shoes’ type of experience is much more likely to trigger committed behaviour change and empathy than other ways of learning.

We will also showcase many examples of developments and innovations locally and around the world that are transforming lives and environments, to provide a hopeful and positive narrative.


Throughout the visit we will highlight practical ways that individuals can take action to make a difference locally and globally, including signposting to local groups to strengthen existing community actions and local volunteering.

What does the Centre aim to achieve?

We aim to provide an immersive and memorable experience that will be a catalyst for attitude and behaviour change and prompt sustainable choices and critical thinking.


We aim to reach 12,000+ school children from across the region and beyond, and 6,000+ visitors each year.


We will provide schools with a range of teaching materials to continue Global Goals learning beyond the visit.


We aim to develop skills of local young people and community groups, and engage them in the Centre, by including them in the design and creative process.


The Centre will offer exceptional volunteering opportunities for local people, and a powerful partnership opportunity for local businesses, groups and charities.

The Centre will also act as Global Goals Hub for the city, which can be used for training, international gatherings, team building and more.


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There are many ways you can be involved with this exciting and innovative project. Please contact us about any of the following offers:


CAPITAL FUNDERS - As well as the benefits above

Platinum : £50,000

Our Platinum funders will receive 5 invitations to the VIP Launch party

You will also receive 10 free passes for the Global Goals Centre Tour

Your name and logo will appear in the Centre entrance highlighting your support for this project and for the Global Goals.

Gold : £25,000

Our Gold funders will receive 2 invitations to the VIP Launch party

You will also receive 5 free passes for the Global Goals Centre Tour

Your name will appear in the Centre entrance highlighting your support for the project and for the Global Goals.

Silver : £10,000

Our Silver funders will receive 2 invitations to the VIP Launch party

You will also receive 2 free passes for the Global Goals Centre Tour


SCENARIO FUNDERS - As well as the benefits above

Refugee camp : £30,000

Visitors will enter via checkpoints and then sit inside an emergency tent.

Activity – visitors will meet a child (holographic film) who has been forced to flee to Bristol and hear their story. Why did they leave? What was life like in the camp? How did they get here? What is life in Bristol like for a refugee? Inspired by www.refugee-run.org

Aligns with: City of Sanctuary, Bristol City of Film, support young filmmakers, Bristol Refugee Action

Global Goals: 


Fairtrade co-operative : £25,000

Visitors enter a rainforest, coffee plants growing, group sit in a shack on sacks.

Activity - Group becomes the co- operative and is given Fairtrade premium money. How to spend and balance the needs of climate change impacts, education and health care needs, training women in leadership? What percentage to spend on what?


Aligns with: climate change, Fairtrade, sustainable farming, Sustainable Food Trust, Bristol Gold Food City, gender equality

Global Goals:


Future city : £25,000

Visitors enter a boardroom and play a group digital game based around the reality of Bristol in 20 years – balancing food production, energy consumption, poverty and other needs. Positive examples of local food growing and Bristol Sustainable food city, local currency (B£), homelessness initiatives and more.

Aligns with: Resilient City, Wellbeing Economy, local food and Gold Food City, Feeding Bristol, Bristol Equalities Network, Zero Carbon 2030, future proofing.

Global Goals:


Plastics in the ocean : £30,000

Visitors enter a 3D projected experience – go underwater to follow a plastic bottle’s journey from when thrown in bin, ending up in ocean to see the impacts of plastic pollution and the effects on wildlife.

Then view alternatives of when plastic is recycled – films of plastic re-use innovations.

Aligns with: City to Sea, ocean conservation, recycling, waste management, Bristol City of Film

Global Goals:

Garment factory : £30,000

Visitors will enter a noisy factory with sewing machines and ceiling fans.

Activity – the group can make a virtual

T-shirt in the timescale demanded, find out how much their daily wage will buy. What hours are worked? What do the women working have to do when they get home?

Aligns with: ethical clothing, Modern Slavery, Living Wage, Fashion Revolution, responsible supply chain management

Global Goals:

As well as the benefits above scenario funders can include examples of innovations and solutions

from their own or partner organisation if this is relevant, to increase public awareness of your company’s commitment to sustainable practice and the Global Goals.



Aim: To inspire and prompt action on the Global Goals by visitors to the Centre during the visit and beyond.

Each visitor to the Centre will be given a log-in to the app on arrival, which can be played on their own mobile or on handset provided by Global Goals Centre.

Following each immersive scenario, the app will provide possible actions that can be taken to act on the situation –

individually, as a school or business, in the local community. By pressing on each action, a point is scored and stored.


At the end of the visit, a reminder is sent to the user to prompt them of their pledges to act.

Can include your organisation logo and info on app.

Aligns with: Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol Learning City, One City Plan, local volunteering, digital skills

Global Goals


RESOURCE HUB : £25,000

The Resource hub space will be used for films, networking meetings and to gather each group at the start and end of each tour. It will showcase examples of excellence and development, including details of your organisation and other partner organisations. It will ideally include an interactive map to point people to projects and organisations in their locality.


Aligns with: Bristol Green Capital Partnership, SDG Alliance, potentially all Bristol charities!

Global Goals



The Centre will rely on a team of volunteers to act as Tour Guides as well as contribute to the running of the Centre. Sponsorship will cover training, recruiting, providing travel costs, branded T-shirts and incentives to the team.

We aim to recruit volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities, and offer them valuable work experience, training, and being part of an inspiring team.

Aligns with: volunteering, youth training, equal opportunities, Bristol Equalities Network, UWE, University of Bristol

Global Goals


WEBSITE : £20,000 Year 1 + £2,000p.a. for maintenance


WEBSITE : £20,000 Year 1 + £2,000p.a. for maintenance

Our key marketing and information tool, housing online ideas and resources to take action on the Global Goals. All schools visiting will receive a log-in for the schools’ resource site

Booking site for schools and general public

Your Company logo can be included on each page of website, plus links to own resources and examples of SDG action

Global Goals

We would also welcome Sponsorship in kind (with associated benefits) from any businesses able to help us with:

Building | Design | Website build | Marketing

For more details and to discuss options and offers, please contact:​

Jenny Foster, Project Lead - call 07970 878337 or email info@globalgoalscentre.org

Registered in England Charity Number 1187048

24 Fairfield Rd Bristol BS6 5JP

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