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Help us create a Fast Fashion Immersive Experience
Help us create an immersive educational experience to enable school children and the public to understand the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion and be inspired to help bring positive change to the industry.

Participants will pass through a giant wardrobe to enter the scenario which will be a mix of physical build and cutting edge display technology such as surround sound, holographic projection and motion capture, to create a truly memorable and highly impactful immersive experience.

Visitors will be given lots of inspiring ideas how to

  • Reduce textile waste and carbon emissions - buying less and using for longer

  • Campaign for change for fair wages and working conditions


We have funding for the research and the hosting of the pilot project through UWE and The Galleries.

Please support us at any level you can.

  • £10 enables 5 schoolchildren to visit the experience

  • £20 will pay for a post-visit workshop for a group of children

  • £50 pays for a community group to visit the experience

  • £250 enables a class of children from a deprived area of Bristol to travel to and experience the pilot.

Become one of our FOUNDING SUPPORTERS for £5,000

We hope you want to partner with us to bring this exciting project to life!

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