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We live in an incredible world that has enough resources for everyone. But research consistently shows that inequalities and environmental degradation are increasing, unfairly impacting women and people from lower income communities. Social, environmental and economic change is needed at an unprecedented scale to meet the challenges that face us.

The clock is ticking, but while many organisations are now taking action against these issues, plenty of people – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – feel disengaged and unable to play a role in creating a fairer and more sustainable world. There is a well-documented increase in ‘climate anxiety’ and a growing sense of frustration and anger at inequalities, reflected in the recent Black Lives Matter campaign. Yet England’s current educational curriculum does not include the SDGs or many of the global issues that matter to children and young people.

The Global Goals Centre aims to tackle these issues by engaging hearts and minds through an unforgettable and inspirational journey to envisage and find ways to help make a more equal and sustainable future.

As well as a front-facing creative and playful space where people can explore the Sustainable Development Goals and how they can be part of them, schools and visitors can book onto a tour and journey through a series of scenarios, from an underwater dome to a fast fashion emporium . These interactive and immersive experiences (which will adapt and change over time) will challenge our understanding of poverty, inequality and climate issues, encouraging creativity, collaboration and problem solving, and inspiring action.

​"I think this is an incredible idea to get people involved in trying to help our planet and achieve these seventeen goals" (Ruby aged 12, Bristol Free School)

The Centre will also showcase innovations and actions taken locally and globally, from mass tree planting in Ethiopia to a local girl who started a campaign to stop FGM. These good news stories are rarely covered in the mainstream media but are an important part of motivating people to be part of a movement for change, bringing hope and inspiration and challenging stereotypes about the Global South.

This Centre is the first of its kind in the world. Bristol is well placed to set up this model, as it is leading the way in working on the SDGs and the only city in the UK to be a European Green Capital. We are working with partners across the city region to include a wide range of local diverse voices in the creation of the Centre and amplifying the wonderful work taking place in local communities.

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