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Registered in England Charity Number 1187048

24 Fairfield Rd Bristol BS6 5JP

The Global Goals Centre - an immersive Education Hub - aims to help develop a generation of Global Citizens in Bristol and beyond who have an awareness of the issues facing the planet, and the skills and knowledge of how we can tackle them together. 

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Thanks to the pupils of Barton Hill Academy, Bristol

Photo Credit: Jon Craig

"The Global Goals are the world's hopeful plan to end world hunger, lack of education, climate change and war. Adults and youth everywhere on the planet deserve to know there is a plan and to learn how they can contribute to achieving it. For all people to know about the Global Goals is crucial for the survival of humankind and countless species of animals...I strongly endorse the foundation and funding of the Global Goals Center in Bristol. The salvation of the

planet is still looking for a world capital."

Mareike Hachemer

UNESCO Delegate for the Role of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development