Imagine a world where you have enough for your needs and the earth can flourish. Is this just an impossible dream??


We actually have a world plan to make it possible. All 193 countries in the world have committed to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, to end poverty, inequality and climate chaos.

Global Goals Centre is working with Partners across the city region to create the world's first immersive Education and Visitor Centre experience bringing to life the SDGs, to inform, inspire and motivate people to help create a better future.


We need many more people to be fully aware of the issues facing our planet and have the passion, knowledge and problem-solving capacity to speed up the world’s path to sustainability. The Global Goals Centre aims to engage people with these Goals in a fun, revelatory and inspiring immersive experience, enabling them to explore the links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world, and offer tools and inspiration for everyone to contribute to a hopeful and flourishing community.


This first Global Goals Centre will be in Bristol, however we ultimately want it to be the first of many across the UK and internationally, with resources and innovation models of engagement which can be used by teachers, charities and other organisations locally and globally.

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Thanks to the pupils of Barton Hill Academy, Bristol

Photo Credit: Jon Craig

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