About Us

The Global Goals can be reached, but only with creative solutions and widespread education and engagement. The Global Goals Centre project will do just that by creating the world’s first immersive Visitor and Education Centre in Bristol to bring these Goals to life


We want to take school groups and visitors on an ‘in their shoes’ type journey, which research has shown is the most effective way to inspire lasting attitude and behaviour change, and enabling each visitor to feel hopeful about creating a better future for all.

Starting in a giant house to show the personal connection to the Goals, visitors will pass through a number of ‘magic’ portals into different experiences – through a giant fridge to enter a food scenario, through the wardrobe to experience fast fashion, through the shower to experience life under water and more. In each scenario, you will hear a human story and find an element of beauty, astonishment, compassion and some fun!

One thing that is important when talking about these Goals is telling the good news stories. People can get very demotivated and disengaged when all they hear about is melting ice caps and pictures of poverty. It’s much more motivating for people if they hear about progress being made at all levels, and that they can personally make a difference, from incredible technological innovations to individuals who have taken action to make a difference where they live.  So we will be showcasing some great stories and equipping people with plenty of practical, easy and affordable actions they can take – as individuals, as a school, as a community - and who they can challenge to do better!

​"I think this is an incredible idea to get people involved in trying to help our planet and achieve these seventeen goals" (Ruby aged 12, Bristol Free School)

We have seen how COVID-19 has hit the poorest and most vulnerable hardest and has reversed some of the incredible progress that has been made in the last decade, lifting millions out of poverty and enabling millions of children to access education.

The Global Goals targets - zero hunger, good health, decent work and education to name but a few - are all part of overcoming this pandemic and preventing future ones.

Spreading good news stories and hope is more vital now than ever, as well as encouraging creative solutions and changing patterns of consumption.

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