23 May 2020

Imagine a brighter future beyond Covid-19 - Young people are invited to take part in a visionary new Bristol project

We are looking for budding young designers and reporters to help us develop a unique new venue planned for the centre of Bristol, the Global Goals Centre. With the help of young people and partner organisations from across the city region we aim to create the world’s first visitor experience offering interactive challenges, games and innovative ideas inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Children and young people are invited to harness their creative energy during lockdown to write, film or draw their ideas for how to engage people with the issues that matter to them – from climate change to inequalities - just the start of many opportunities to co-design with the Centre creative team.

During these challenging times, many people are looking to how we can Build Back Better, and Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees, has already committed to using the SDGs as a framework for the city’s recovery.

Jenny Foster, Project Lead at Global Goals Centre says “Now’s an ideal time for children and young people to think beyond the current crisis to imagine a better way of living; some of this has come to the fore during the pandemic, such as local community action and protecting the most vulnerable. We know young people care passionately about the planet, as the local Youth Marches for the Climate and the Greta Thunberg rally demonstrated. We want to capture these positive stories and use that enthusiasm, vision and passion to help us design this incredible resource for Bristol.”

The best ideas will receive an Award from Bristol’s Mayor, Marvin Rees. He says “I'm excited to see the entries for the Global Goals Centre Design Challenge, to hear ideas from our young people that can be used in this unique project. Bristol is leading the way in working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and we need as many local people as possible to be involved, to help make Bristol an inclusive, sustainable and healthy city - a city of Hope. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the challenge.’’

The Challenges are introduced by Mya-Rose Craig, local youth conservation hero ‘Birdgirl’ and a patron of the Global Goals Centre who was recently awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Bristol.

There are 2 Challenges for age 9-13 and age 14-25. If you are interested in taking part, visit our Join In page or contact Education Lead, Manu Maunganitze

02 April 2020

How are we responding to the Covid-19 crisis?

We recognise that we are living in unprecedented times, and that many people will be urgently focusing on meeting immediate needs arising from the impact of COVID-19. However, we also believe that a project such as Global Goals Centre will be more important than ever when we emerge from this crisis.


The values that we stand for – grassroots community action, providing support and a voice to those who are most vulnerable, protecting the environment through behavioural change, and global collaboration on key issues like science and health – are exactly the bright spots that so many people have referenced as helping them to stay positive in these difficult times. These values are critical for overcoming the current pandemic and protecting people against future ones.

The Global Goals Centre will bring a hopeful and inspirational heart to our city just when it is needed most, and the current wave of positive energy and collaboration that we are witnessing will become part of the story that the Centre will tell. We are in a fortunate position in that we can currently adapt or continue most of our planned activities: our consultation and co-design work with teachers, children and young people can continue online rather than face-to-face. Children and young people are typically very comfortable communicating and collaborating digitally, and many will actually have more spare time and creative energy to contribute than in normal circumstances.

We plan to reach out to many more people in the Bristol community to hear a range of voices and how we can make this project relevant. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to join in our co-creation online – although these are complex issues, we plan to have fun exploring them!

03 February 2020

Creative Workshop brings the project to life!

Wow what a day! Nearly 50 creatives, educators and experts gathered together on Mon 3rd February, to help us develop the concept for the Global Goals Centre. Our heads are reeling with ideas! Leading creative agencies such as Hubbub, Rising Arts, Pervasive Media Studio and Coney discussed with educators from Bristol University, UWE and Bath Spa University, as well as experts from World Wildlife Fund, We the Curious, Fairtrade Foundation, Labour Behind the Label and many more considered ‘How to take people on a journey of challenge and fun, to discover how they can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and find creative ways to speed our path to sustainable and more equitable future.’

The day (hosted by Burges Salmon) was full of great ideas and challenges, looking in detail at the Centre model and the plans for the content and key themes, as well as how best to engage hearts and minds to prompt behaviour change.

We also had some great ‘Moments of play’ led by Manu Maunganidze to keep the elements of fun and challenge our preconceptions. Most exciting was the commitment from all involved to collaborate with us as we deliver the project to ensure we are as creative, exciting and innovative as possible.

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These are just the first steps and we are open to any suggestions from partners and the wider public as to how we can continue on this journey of openness and equality.

Jenny Foster, Project Lead

3 July 2020

A reflection on the Black Lives Matter movement

The Global Goals Centre team will always promote racial and social justice issues as being of equal importance to environmental justice, as embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Whilst being appalled at the brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of police, we are cautiously optimistic that issues that have too often been ignored are now being brought into the foreground. These issues include unequal access to employment and education, one-sided versions of history, institutional discrimination and other forms of systemic racism which negatively affect millions of people and reduce their opportunities.

We recognize that it is not enough to be quietly non-racist, and that we have a responsibility to become vocal, visible anti-racist leaders.

We recognise that we need to constantly listen, learn and be open to change. But we also want to take positive action to enable us to challenge racial inequality more effectively.

Our positive actions include:

  • Supporting Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Black and Green Ambassador Programme

  • Committing to offer internships through this programme and/or Babbasa

  • Actively working towards a greater ethnic diversity in our Trustee and leadership teams

  • Supporting Bristol’s One Curriculum

  • Only partnering with businesses and organisations that share our commitment to race equality

  • Actively seeking to ensure diversity amongst those we buy services from.

  • Ensuring a voice for local BAME-led organisations within our planning and co-design processes.

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